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Ambien belongs to the class of hypnotic drugs. It possesses sedative effects. This preparation is targeted at normalizing increased levels of neurotransmitters, which are responsible for sleep regimen. Under condition, their amounts are increased people experience various troubles with sleep. Thanks to suppressing effects, its main component called Zolpidem, resolves these complications. As a result, people have strong and healthy sleep.

The tablet of Ambien has two layers. The first layer has immediate effect and makes people fall asleep very quickly. Another layer provides dependable slumber, so that people would not awake at night or too early in the morning. The action of this preparation lasts for 7-8 hours, so buy ambien pills from online pharmacy.

You should mark that it can be implemented for some other aims. If you require this sort of information, you should ask an expert or look for more detailed guide, which discovers all uses of Ambien.

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You must remember for good that under certain conditions, the usage of Ambien may threaten your life. Consequently, you must ask your supervisor whether its usage will be safe for you. Learn all possible contraries on usage.

The major contraindications are as follows:

  • • lung diseases,
  • • kidney and/or liver sicknesses and deviations,
  • • intolerance of lactose,
  • • state of depression,
  • • suicidal behavior,
  • • age under 18 years,
  • • drug and/or alcohol abuse in history,
  • • curing with the same medications,
  • • overly high sensuousness to the components of the remedy, which are characterized by swelling of different areas of the body, violations of breathing and some allergies.

Pregnant women and those in the period of breastfeeding should consult a specialist. There is no full data about the affection of this substance upon the fetus and nursing children. It can pass into placenta and breast milk, which can threaten the unborn or newborn children.

Adverse Effects

You have to know that there were reports of the occurrence of adverse effects. Consequently, you have to know about such possibility. Commonly, they do not happen. Even if they do, their severity is not lasting and serious. Severe adverse effects happen only in case of combination with some medications, alcohol, overdosing or ignorance of contraries on usage.

There can develop such adverse effects as severe headaches, drowsiness while the day, dizziness, upset stomach, diarrhea and some other digestive problems. At times, there may also occur angina, irregular heart rate, troubles when breathing and/or swallowing, abnormally frequent weakness, muscle crumps and tremors, stuffy nose, dryness in your mouth, violated ability to coordinate, unconventional behavior, irritation of throat and nose.

Do not hesitate, if any of these events take place. Seek for immediate emergency assistance.


This preparation must be taken strictly as your supervisor says. It is appointed individually, in accordance to multiple details, such as tolerance to Zolpidem, seriousness of the illness and different health characteristics of the examinee. Your supervisor will appoint the lowest most effective dose, which would not damage your system.

Elderly examinees and those with mild kidney and liver ailments will need special dose adjustments, which are commonly lower than in healthy individuals. The duration of the treatment is very short. The expert will tell you the necessary period of drug implementation. Do not take it for longer time, as it may develop drug dependency in you.

Do not undertake any actions that require clear thinking and good reactions soon after awakening, for this substance makes people dizzy. You may lack good coordination and concentration. This may lead to unwanted accidents. It also impairs memory capacity. These effects will withdraw in 4 hours after awakening.

Remember! Self-treatment is very dangerous!

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